Who Can Join?

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Become A Member

Joining is easy and each credit union has multiple ways for you to qualify for membership. It all starts with being included in a “field of membership.” Most often this is based on where you live, work, worship, or go to school. Credit unions are all about the local communities they serve.

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Joining is Easy
  • Save money
    Find Your Credit Union
    There are thousands of credit unions all across the country. That means you’ll have plenty to pick from. Some people look at rates. Others prefer convenient locations. Choose a credit union that’s right for you. It’s up to you.
  • Money
    Membership Costs
    Most credit unions do not charge membership fees. Once you are eligible to join, there is no fee to join, just a minimum savings amount around $5 per savings account and $25 per checking/debit account.
  • Money bag
    Choose Your Accounts
    Credit unions provide the solutions you need. Savings accounts. Checking accounts. Loans. Mortgages. The list goes on. Many credit unions also offer special accounts with unique benefits. Ask questions and explore all your options.
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Ready to unlock all the benefits that come with being a credit union member? Open your account today.

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