10 Cheap Valentine’s Day Dates For Couples

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! If your wallet still feels the sting from the holidays, an expensive date may not be in the cards for your Valentine. That’s okay! You can still enjoy an extravagant date with your significant other with these budget-friendly ideas, perfect for any happy couple.

1. Enjoy A Picnic

Who needs to pay more than $15 a person at a fancy restaurant with loud talking, crowded spaces, and constant commotion when you can go more… simple? A picnic lets you set the tone for the night, guarantee you will enjoy the food, and pick the perfect place for you and your date. All you need for the date to be a success is to choose the right place and person for this special night.

2. Go On A Hike

Find a local trail and go on a hike! Enjoy the great outdoors and a much-needed breath of fresh air away from the classic Valentine’s hoopla. All you need for this date is a trail that isn’t too extraneous, a trusty pair of shoes, and each other!

3. DIY Something Special

Get crafty! Creating something together makes a physical memory that you both can cherish forever. Some craft ideas are:

  • Personalized playing cards – This is an opportunity to write down 52 reasons you love each other or write down inside jokes only each other will know when you play with others.
  • Paint – This could be some messy fun you and your significant other are missing out on!
  • Scrapbook – Collect and craft the greatest hits from your relationship all in one place.

Choose something that will make an impact and represent your relationship.

4. Dance The Night Away

Get your groove on! Whether you go out to a club to do so or stay at home, throw your hands in the air and wave them like you just don’t care! Dance the night away with bopping music and your favorite person.

5. Rent A Movie

After buying tickets, popcorn, and drinks, a date to the movie theatre can rack up an expensive bill quickly. Another way to watch a great flick is to rent a movie and stay in the comfort of your home. Plus, a couch is always comfier than movie theater chairs.

6. Express Your Love

Caught working opposite shifts on Valentine’s Day? You both can still show how much you care by sending each other off with written letters expressing your love. It’s a great pick-me-up at work and still feels like a piece of your significant other is with you.

7. Make A Meal

If the way to your date’s heart is through their stomach, show off your culinary skills. You can create a magical night with home-cooked food made with love, illuminate each other’s faces with candlelight, and play music to set the mood.

8. Volunteer Together

A special night doesn’t have to be limited to just you and your significant other. You can extend your love for each other to your community. Find an organization you both care about and volunteer together to make a difference for those who need it.

9. Play Games

Satisfy each other’s competitive nature with a game night. Luckily today, there are many ways you can play together:

  • Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation, or PC
  • Board Games
  • Card Games

Choose the best option for you both and get gaming!

10. Sit Around Bonfire

What’s more romantic than a night under the stars around a cozy fire in the arms of your partner? Not a lot. Weather permitting, this can be an easy date idea for Valentine’s that brings both of you together with the delicious option for s’mores!